SolarBridge Microinverters - AMAZING technology from a Austin, Texas company

microinverter for a AC solar module
SolarBridge microinverter

Ben and I visited one of our distributors last week and we were introduced to SolarBridge AC solar modules.  These are microinverters that are pre-installed to the solar module at the factory and are a completely integrated solution.  Better power, longer life, greater fidelity monitoring.


Better power, longer life, greater fidelity monitoring.  I was already a microinverter fan and SolarBridge has taken my confidence to a new level.  


Check out this video on their reliability by design.  


 SolarBridge is an Austin, Texas company that has taken the first generation microinverter technology and improved it through better design and failure analysis processes. 


This is what is going on my house at the end of August!

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