Solar CenTex is OPEN for business

We are proud to introduce a contact-free way of selling solar!

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve and social distancing is encouraged, we can now walk you through your solar purchase entirely through web conferencing or by phone. This allows us to avoid any unnecessary contact to protect you and your family. 


The future is always unpredictable, especially in a crisis. Be prepared for the unknown. Save on energy costs and keep your electricity on by purchasing your solar system today!


Just call our office at 254-393-1340 and we'll arrange everything.


 The system will include everything that goes into making your solar system...electrical components, fully insured and trained company (never out-sourced) installers...all from a top-rated installer.:


  • -Silfab 310-watt modules with a 30-year performance warranty from a proven Canadian company that is an industry leader.
  •  SolarEdge inverter - the #1 residential inverter in the industry
  •  Solar Edge monitoring to include production data and home consumption (others do not provide or do so at extra cost)
  •  All utility interconnection agreement processing
  •  5-year end-to-end warranty and entry to our leading Solar CenTex work order management process
  •  9 cents "level cost of electricity" solar production. Never worry about energy inflation again.

And the best part, the only thing you need to do is digitally sign three times (contract, financing, and interconnection agreement) and we'll have it done.


And one more thing for you to do - file for your 26% Federal tax credit!

The best investment you'll make in 2020!

Don't forget that this is the last year for the 26% Federal Tax Credit


We design, install, and monitor the very best solar systems at the very best prices in Central Texas.


We install solar systems that will:

  • lower your energy bill right now 
  • prevent energy inflation from eroding your family finances
  • invest in the future value of your home

Solar is all we do, and we'll be part of our community for as far into the future as we can see.  


For our communities in Central Texas, we intend to be your first choice as you make one of your most significant home investments.  


Check out what we do. We know that educating our community on the economic benefit of solar is important as Central Texas starts making solar power part of its future.  


We'd love to talk with you to protect you and your family from rising Texas electricity prices and ensure you always have electricity when you want and need it.

FREE quote - contact Solar CenTex


You can always contact us at 254-393-1340 

We look forward to speaking with you!
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