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Hometown means service when you need it!

Solar CenTex is leading the effort to bring the solar industry to our part of Central Texas…but as importantly, we design, install, and monitor solar power systems that will lower your energy bill right now AND lock in those rates for the next 25 years.

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How We're Different

We're local

Solar CenTex isn't just a name. We've either lived in Central Texas our whole life or the military brought us here and we said, "We're staying right here!" We're going to make sure every system we put in is right, because we know we might just see you around town!

Solar Advocates

We're solar advocates for Central Texas and we'll do everything we can to grow this industry here. Nothing would make us happier than a dozen competitor companies seeing the potential of solar. We'll compete so you win in the long term.

Solar Support

We make the time to educate and collaborate because it's how you will get the best investment value. If your installation was done by another company, no problem! Solar CenTex adopts and repairs others' solar work.

We are proud to introduce a contact-free way of selling solar!

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve and social distancing is encouraged, we can now walk you through your solar purchase entirely through web conferencing or by phone. This allows us to avoid any unnecessary contact to protect you and your family.

The future is always unpredictable, especially in a crisis. Be prepared for the unknown. Save on energy costs and keep your electricity on by purchasing your solar system today!

“It’s been a while, but I just had to give you a shout as I am happy dancing on my latest electric bill. After some energy usage monitoring and adjustments. We went from bills around $9 to this month a $39 credit. Our 9.5kW system is putting out the power, and we cannot thank you and your team enough. Solar is AWESOME!”

- James Norman
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