Summer of Savings Offer

You read it right — 24 top-tier modules and SolarEdge inverter for $15,999. NOBODY beats this price or this quality.

The Oncor program is depleted and that makes us go back to the drawing board and ask how we continue to offer best-value solar to folks that want to decrease their electric bill and invest in their home. 


Here is what we promise in this offer:

  • 24 top-tier monocrystalline "black on black" module (like you see above)
  • SolarEdge inverter with DC optimizer at each module
  • Monitoring included
  • On your roof in 30 days or $500 off
  • All Oncor interconnection agreement paperwork prepared
  • 100% zero-down financing available

There are no catches — if you have a home that does not require electrical upgrades and we can do a standard "interconnection," this is your cost. 

All from a local solar installer that is less than 20 minutes to your door

The best investment you'll make in 2017!


We design, install, and monitor the very best solar systems at the very best prices in Central Texas.


We install solar systems that will:

  • lower your energy bill right now 
  • prevent energy inflation from eroding your family finances
  • invest in the future value of your home

Solar is all we do, and we'll be part of our community for as far into the future as we can see.  


For our communities in Central Texas, we intend to be your first choice as you make one of your most significant home investments.  


Check out what we do. We know that educating our community on the economic benefit of solar is important as Central Texas starts making solar power part of its future.  


We'd love to talk with you to protect you and your family from rising Texas electricity prices and ensure you always have electricity when you want and need it.

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