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Solar Storage

Solar storage is more than just backup – it’s about home energy management

Battery-based systems are a great choice in Texas

Battery systems are now financially viable and easier than ever to operate. Others talk about backup: we understand it and know how to install the most robust, reliable systems in Texas.

We have the ability and knowledge to install everything from simple single inverter systems to “multi-stacked” inverter setups.

The choices for "grid-tied" PV systems

Solar CenTex installs “grid-tied” solar PV systems which means you are still receiving a portion of your electricity from your current Retail Electric Provider (the “REP”). The amount you get from your REP is entirely dependent on the size of the PV system that is installed: typically expect that 30% to 99% of your electricity needs can be met by solar.

Batteries are so much more than backup. Batteries and modern inverters provide advanced home energy management and this picture illustrates this on so many levels.

1. “Peak Shaving” at the 8PM peak is this system providing stored solar to offset an evening demand for power. He has one LG battery so he can get 6,000-watts of offset. (Two batteries would have provided additional peak power.)

2. He does not have this at 8AM because we programmed his battery to retain 30% capacity for actual grid outages (we can select any reserve level) so while his battery had the potential to provide the power, the system took power from the grid instead.

3. His 17KW system produced 108kwh and his home used 70kwh this day. Of that 70kwh, nearly one third was provided by stored solar energy.

This is just one day but shows a home that is using the energy storage as so much more than backup.

This will “future-proof” him from whatever time-of-use rates that Texas throws at him in the years ahead. All while having peace of mind no matter what Mother Nature serves up to the grid reliability.

pv system
DC Optimizers
We use SolarEdge

A DC Optimizer attached to each solar panel ("module") brings each module to the same voltage, regardless of sunshine or shading. This allows the entire "string" of modules to operate at its peak efficiency.


This power is delivered to an inverter at the wall  where it is turned into AC power for the house.

Hover for additional benefits:

  • Great warranties (25 years for the DC Optimizer, 12-20 years for the inverter)

  • Ability to monitor the power output of individual modules
  • Much better shade tolerance

We use Enphase

Enphase IQ7 microinverters mark the return of this long-time manufacturer to prominence.

Each "micro" inverter directly converts module DC power to 240-AC current.

Just like SolarEdge, this system is fully compliant with Rapid Shutdown requirements from the National Electric Code.