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About Solar

Why Solar?

It might seem a silly question for us to ask but everyone has different reasons for installing solar. How you answer this helps us recommend the right system for you. There is no right way to answer the question.  Previously, 95% of our customers wanted to reduce their electric bills with a straight grid-tied system, but we are finding more and more people who want the security and reliability of creating and storing their own energy.  We can help you do this.

Lower Electric Bills

Want to simply lower your electric bills: a grid-tied system might be right for you

Unreliable Electric Service

Is your electric service unreliable or do you have some essential systems like pumps or septic systems that must keep operating: a grid-tied, battery backup system might be the answer.

Building a new home

Building a new home and want to integrate solar in the best possible way: let us work with you to design an AC-coupled system with battery backup that is the ultimate in energy reliability and security

how solar power works

How Does Solar Work?

Solar is amazingly simple technology…and it’s being improved everyday by private companies as well as researchers at places like the Department of Energy – National Renewable Energy Lab, to make it even more efficient and a better investment value for you.

Step 1

The sun's power is emitted to our Earth (and your rooftop!); the "photons" from the sun are particles that carry energy.

Step 2

The photons hits the solar "Photovoltaic" (PV) panel, where photons cause electrons in the PV material to move.

Step 3

These moving electrons are direct current electricity, which is converted by an inverter to become the standard 240 volts that our homes use.

How much solar power can I generate and what will it save me?

Ask your installer if he has solar on his home. Solar CenTex’s founder/owner, Scot Arey, lets you see his production in real time.

scot energy
Click on the image above to see Scot's solar power production

The #1 concern of our new customers is electric bill price increases. Solar can change that and ensure that the financial uncertainty called an “electric bill” is changed for the 25-year warrantied life of this system.

reduced electric consumption after solar
Can you guess when we installed solar on this home?

We can dramatically change your electric bill

An investment that definitely pays off

Our customers are saving lots of money. They’ve invested in their future and recognize that solar can save money today — and lots of money in the future.

Before and After Bills

sabrina arnold before and after bill
lawson solar bill before and after