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Residential Solar

If you want solar, we can install it. Part of our site survey at your home is to recommend a solution that will maximize the solar electricity production and be aesthetically beautiful.

Three ways to install solar on your home

solar roof mount
Rooftop Mount

Rooftop solar should nearly always be your first choice. Your roof is a great place as it typically has the best access to sun, there is least potential for damage, and the wiring from the modules to your electric panel is shortest. We might recommend against a roof mount if you have substantial shading that we can't work around.

solar pergola
Solar Pergola

Power, shaded recreation space, and a great way to increase your enjoyment and your home's value.

solar carport
Solar Carport / Utility Shade Structure

Our carports are functional on so many levels: shade for your equipment and vehicles all while providing LOTS of solar electricity and a 26% tax credit. We have pre-fabricated structures that mount to concrete footings (which we do in-house; no sub-contracting!) We also custom fabricate structures