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Financing Options

Installing a solar PV system is a long-term investment

There are three methods to finance a PV system


This is the best way to maximize your investment dollar. Now is a great time to pay cash since savings rates are so low. Let us help you compare the rates of return for both.


Loans through Sungage are specifically catered to solar, which means the process is streamlined for you. If interested, we provide you with a credit application, which takes only 5 minutes to complete, and Sungage takes it from there. 25-year financing at only 0.99%.

Veterans-only financing programs

If you're a veteran, please ask us about a program just for you. The very best rates (about 2.36% to 2.86%) means that you'll be cash-flow positive right away, while having tax deductibility of the interest.

Solar CenTex will help you understand the tax incentives available to homeowners and business alike, but we are not professional tax advisers. Everyone has their unique tax situation, and we recommend that you work with your tax adviser to check your eligibility.