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Ranch/Farm Solar

You have the land and barn roof space – let us help you save money

Ways to install solar on your ranch or farm

ground mount
Ground Mount

This is how we got started with Ranch and Farm solar. A ground mount is an incredible "bang for the buck. We use commercial-sized 72-cell modules and top of the line central, "string" inverters. 2-inch galvanized pipe set in concrete piers means this is a system that your kids will inherit.

barn roof solar panels
Barn Mount

If you have an existing barn or utility building nothing beats the cost effectiveness of using this structure to mount your solar. We use S-5 "Protea" brackets to mount to the metal roof and this means security and water-tightness. Most buildings already have electric run, and if the wire sizing is right for a solar interconnection, we can save you lots of money.

water collection
Water Collection Support

What is better than collecting the sunshine to make power?How about collecting photons AND water! Our customer fabrication and design capabilities means that we can design to meet your needs.

solar carport

Our carports are functional on so many levels: shade for your equipment and vehicles all while providing LOTS of solar electricity and a 30% tax credit. We have pre-fabricated structures that mount to concrete footings (which we do in-house; no sub-contracting!) We also custom fabricate structures.