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Dual-Axis Trackers

the ULTIMATE in solar energy for your ranch or estate home

Have no doubt - our dual-axis trackers are the ultimate in energy production

Five years ago, I didn’t think this made sense, but as I’ve gotten smarter in system-level costs, I see the tremendous value.

When a 14KW tracker like this goes up, you get the performance of nearly a 20KW system. Even better, every component of the system is used all day long. Instead of an inverter that sees peak production only at noon each day, you have one that is performing to its fullest potential from sun up to sun down. Where wire-sizing is done for this peak inverter output, once again we use the wire to its full carrying capacity all day.

All this means you have a system that is the lowest cost / kwh imaginable.

We don’t do these in city neighborhoods, but if you have an estate-sized home, ranch, or acreage this is the way to go! Check out my interview about how the dual-axis trackers are the best bang for your buck.


No other solar installer in this state has the equipment to do this all in-house (our pier columns are over 8 feet of rebar-reinforced concrete). And that means you get an amazing system for much less than what you’d pay for an equivalent sized fixed ground array. 

Plus, you get the intangible benefit of having the very coolest solar array around as it real-time tracks the sun every day.

dual axis trackers