Integrated Solar Water Collection


Having energy and water are the two necessities of life for rural Texas.


The possibility of not having water is very real, especially for those supplied by the Trinity Aquifer. Our integrated solar / water collection system allows you to invest in water security and harvest solar power at the same time.


This is solar. That means a 30% federal tax credit on all components except the water tank and gutter system. 


With the option to add batteries to this system, you can significantly reduce, if not completely remove, your dependency on the electric and water grids and be one step closer to true self reliance.

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Designed with a purpose. Engineered for longevity.


Every detail was taken into consideration during the design process. The structure is specifically sized to fit 15kW of panels and provide overhead cover for the 20,000 gallon water tank. We have maximized roof space for the least structural cost so that for every inch of rainfall, you have the potential to collect over 800 gallons of water! 


These structures are engineered to last and professional engineer "stamped."  Set on rebar-reinforced concrete piers, each is sturdy and resilient no matter what conditions come your way.


Custom sizing available upon request.