Why do you want solar??

It might seem a silly question for us to ask but everyone has different reasons for installing solar.  How you answer this helps us recommend the right system for you.


  • Want to simply lower your electric bills: a grid-tied system might be right for you
  • Is your electric service unreliable or do you have some essential systems like pumps or septic systems that must keep operating: a grid-tied, battery backup system might be the answer.
  • Building a new home and want to integrate solar in the best possible way: let us work with you to design an AC-coupled system with battery backup that is the ultimate in energy reliability and security

There is no right way to answer the question.  Previously, 95% of our customers wanted to reduce their electric bills with a straight grid-tied system, but we are finding more and more people who want the security and reliability of creating and storing their own energy.  We can help you do this.