How much solar power can I generate and what will it save me?

Ask your installer if he has solar on his home. Solar CenTex's founder/owner, Scot Arey, lets you see his production in real time.

Click on the image above to see Scot's solar power production.

dramatically reduced electric consumption after solar
Solar CenTex installation in Salado

Can you guess when we installed solar on this home?


We can dramatically change your electric bill. The #1 concern of our new customers is electric bill price increases. Solar can change that and ensure that the financial uncertainty called an "electric bill" is changed for the 25-year warrantied life of this system.


Each home is different. Typically, how much solar you can install is determined by:

  • Available roof area (or backyard!) to install PV modules
  • Orientation and slope of your roof

Often, one "runs out of roof before they run out of electric bill," but imagine if 50-85% of your electric use was locked in at a constant rate for the next 25 years. It's possible.

Nothing is more beautiful than a "double-digit" electric bill!

Electric bill with solar
But a bill under $10 is even better - CLICK to expand

Our customers are saving lots of money. They've invested in their future and recognize that solar can save money today — and lots of money in the future.

An investment is your future that definitely pays off

investment is olar provides real, quantifiable returns
Extract from a Solar CenTex proposal

People ask us all the time - "what's the pay-back" period.  Here is a typical proposal.


Compare what your solar investment will return as to compared to your current savings account return, or other investments.


There is no doubt that you'll need electricity - why pay more for it than you should?

utility cost after solar installation over 25 years
This is long term financial certainty
Energy bills after solar installation
a properly-sized system can meet majority of your electric needs

When we meet, we'll ask to see your electric bills by month.  More importantly, we'll want to know how many kilowatt hours you use.


We need this so we can properly size your system.


Here is one that is sized really well.  We nearly fully offset the spring and fall bills and for the summer and winter bills, we've cut that by over 50%



Every home is different, and not everybody will have a "double-digit" electric bill all the time.


We all remember the crazy-high electric bills from this winter.


Imagine if this was your bill then. This customer called me up and asked, "Scot, is this a good bill?" I told him the stories I heard all winter and spring: $300, $500 and higher bills. (The gentleman in Whiterock Estates with back-to-back $1,000 bills was hopefully an anomaly!)


And then he said this was less than half of the previous year (which wasn't as cold).


$139.50 for a very cold December bill — yes, that's really great 

Let Solar CenTex review your bills and home to see if a Solar PV system is right for you.