After you contact us, become an informed consumer

Check out these links because it will make our meetings more productive and informative to you.   



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Power to Choose
  • is the Texas Electric Choice Education Program.  We use this to make sure the electric program we recommend maximizes your solar investment.


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ONCOR Smart Meter
  • Smart Meter Texas is an important stop for you to become an informed electrical consumer.  Register here so you will be able to obtain your electrical use in 15 minute increments.  The electric provider already is so you should see it too!  Reviewing this use pattern will be essential to maximizing your "solar return" as we can often align solar collection with peak "time of use" periods when electricity costs more.
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  • DSIRE was previously shown to you in the finance section.  This is an amazing resource, conmtinuously updated, to show you the incentive programs avaialble to you.