Oncor 2018 Program Announced

I attended the 2018 Kick-Off meeting.


The BIG news is that there is no change to the program this year except we can now provide up to $10,000 in residential incentive money, up from $8,500.


Oncor will only allow 8 open residential projects per installer. 5 for commercial. Why do I tell you his...many "installers" are not installers at all! They just sell you a system and find sub-contractors to put this up. Not only does quality suffer but under these new rules, they may sell you a system and only have to take away the incentive later. Let Solar CenTex put your system up; we average 30 days from sale to final inspection and that means you do not take any risk!


Remember - Solar CenTex has been an authorized Oncor solar incentive program service provider for five years - we 100% understand the processes and paperwork to reduce your contract price up front.