UPDATE - the Oncor program is $0 balance for residential installations. Wait list only and that can mean some time for you.


Don't worry - see our Summer of Savings offer!

Oncor 2017 Program Announced

I attended the 2017 Kick-Off meeting. BIG Changes and if you want us to get you the very best price for your system in the Oncor area, please read this!


I'm happy to report some great news:


 - The Residential incentive remains the same (up to $0.85 per watt) but the methodology has changes slightly. Incentives will be based on actual "PV Watts" production data. No big deal - you have a better roof or ground array area, you'll get a better incentive.


Now the rest of the news:


The Residential budget has been cut by 75%. Don't wait - if you want solar, ask us now to get a project in. Oncor incentive funds will be gone in less than half a year, if not shorter. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT.


The Commercial budget has been cut, also. But the "LARGE" category was eliminated - this means that the commercial projects we deal with (150KW and below) are all that will get funded. So if you have a large metal building, and you're the owner / decision-maker, let us secure you some great funding.


Oncor will only allow 5 open residential projects per installer. 3 for commercial. Why do I tell you his...many "installers" are not installers at all! They just sell you a system and find sub-contractors to put this up. Not only does quality suffer but under these new rules, they may sell you a system and only have to take away the incentive later. Let Solar CenTex put your system up; we average 30 days from sale to final inspection and that means you do not take any risk!


Remember - Solar CenTex has been an authorized Oncor solar incentive program service provider for four years - we 100% understand the processes and paperwork to reduce your contract price up front.