Roof ventilation - making your attic, roof, and PV modules more efficient

solar ventilation
Roof ventilation keeps your attic and roof surface cooler

I'll admit it.  Like many people, I never put a lot of thought into roof ventilation.  I always thought "attics are hot and that's just how it is in Texas."  Well, I learned a lot yesterday from Jim Hudson at Solar Royal Solar Attic Fans and I think the Solar CenTex team's learning experience is going to improve our solar performance for you.

Cool Roofs and Photovoltaics
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Many think that the Texas heat improves solar module performance.  It's actually the opposite and as temperatures increase, internal module resistance lowers its voltage and thus its power output.  We account for that and it's the reason we use 3" above-roof mounting so we can get airflow under the solar modules.


But what if we can reduce the "big oven" (also called your attic) temperature that is not only raising the temperature of your roof but also the solar modules from underneath??  


Letting us properly size and install a solar roof fan (fans - plural, sometimes) during your solar installation can result in an attic temp that is only 10-15 degress above ambient temp.  No - it doesn't have to be 145-155 degrees up there.


Think of the other benefits as well - lower temps for your AC ducts that often run through attic space, Christmas decorations that will not have melted....but I'm most excited about the potential for increased solar performance.


Let us know if you have more questions.

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    Murray Smith (Wednesday, 21 May 2014)

    If you want a solar attic fan with a better price and a better warranty AND a better all around value, check out

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    Scot Arey (Thursday, 22 May 2014 11:35)

    Thanks, Murray.

    I saw one of your fans on a roof we were installing on and our customer seemed satisfied. We're sold on the Solar Royal fans for their sleek appearance, durable construction, and big CFM draw from the attic. Thanks for reading. Scot